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In this day of reality television, it is very easy to view a show entitled “The Making Of” or the audition process for any professional cheerleading squad or dance team. On the other hand, there has been no detailed information presented about the lifestyle of a dancer in the sports industry after the televised audition has ended. This is the first book to specifically details the true politics and taboos for dancers in the world of sports entertainment.

This is a groundbreaking moment for dancers, because this book was written by one of their own. Likewise, it exposes and discusses the pros and cons of the world of entertainment in the sports industry. This book teaches a variety of skills needed for aspiring rookie and veteran dancers interested in auditioning for professional sports teams.

Learn about the sacrifices and time commitment needed to succeed in the sports industry. Also gain an understanding of the earning potential available as a dancer and the required health and fitness practices implemented throughout the season.

Many dancers still do not know how to find out about general dance auditions or auditions for professional sports teams. Life of an NBA Dancer: Truths Not Seen on the Court details the amount of dedication needed to perform in the sports industry today.

The audition process is only the beginning for the journey; additional personal sacrifices will be necessary in order to maintain longevity as a performer. Never forget that the foundation for a sports franchise is built on politics. Deals are made on every level, from advertising and sponsorship to the physical look of individual dancers on the court.

Behind the scenes of a sports franchise is the actual world of sports entertainment. When you finish reading Life of an NBA Dancer: Truths Not Seen on the Court you will understand the appeal of performing teams and the reasons sports fans in general perceive dancers as elite and glamorous individuals.

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